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The S1 Bar Soundbar is the perfect addition to your home theater setup. Featuring high-power high-efficiency driver units, TI DSP Dynamic Tuning, Ultimate Sound Box Airflow Design, and adjustable sound angles, this soundbar will help you bring your movies and music to life. The soundbar is crafted from premium materials for added durability and a sleek look that fits any space. Enjoy the ultimate sound experience with the S1 Bar Soundbar.

S1 Bar Soundbar

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Next Generation Portable Surround Sound

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Q: How does this pre-order work?

A: We are raising money for our first batch production of the newly redesigned SIMO! You can reserve a SIMO by paying a deposit of $49, and we will put your order into our production order to the factory. Once the SIMO is finished and ready to ship, we will notify you to collect the remainder $90 and you will receive the SIMO.


Q: How long will it take to manufacture my SIMO?

A: Typically it will take 6 weeks for the factory to source the material, assemble the components, and test the finished products. Our team is working with a trusted manufacturer overseas to ensure our timeline. We will send bi-weekly updates on the manufacturing progress so that you can feel like watching the SIMO come to life in real-time! (almost)


Q: How can I be sure that the product quality is good?

A: We will work with 3rd party QA tester that will conduct independent testing of the SIMOs out of the factory. We will only ship the SIMOs after they pass the QA tests. Once you receive your SIMO, if you encounter any QA or technical issues, please contact us and we will be happy to replace it for you.


Q: Can I wait till the product’s officially launch to buy it?

A: Yes you can do that; however, this pre-order lets you reserve your SIMO with an exclusive discount price of $139, which you can get with a small deposit of $49. Once we launch SIMO officially, you will not be able to get this price again!


Q: How far can each unit be apart from each other?

A: Each subunit of SIMO can be placed up to 100ft (30 meters) apart from each other.


Q: Does it actually have different sound channels?

A: Yes, SIMO has two left-channel subunits and two right-channel subunits. When placed around you, it will give you a real sense of front, back, left and right. It’s great to listen to live music!


Q: Can I connect each unit to a phone and play different songs?

A: Yes, you can connect all 4 four different units to 4 different phones to use them as standalone speakers. Simply triple-click the subunit’s power button to switch to standalone mode and connect to your phone.

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