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Who Are We


Pangissimo was founded by a group of Boston University engineering students passionate about product design and innovation. Our founding team brings a wide base of skills and experience to the table that has enabled us to ideate, design, and develop an innovative audio tech startup. We are passionate about changing the way you experience sound, and offering you access to a superior user experience. We've created an innovative modular surround sound speaker system that stands apart from products currently in the market. Our products aim to fit and exceed the expectations of young adults, dancers, teachers and more. We strive to raise the bar and accessibility to surround sound audio.


Our Team

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Constantine Hartofilis


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Co-Founder & CTO


Parsa Shahidi

Co-Founder & COO

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Product Strategy Manager

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Esiri Madagwa Jr.


Our Story

Pangissimo was founded by a group of four engineering students from Boston University in an engineering technology innovation course. Parsa, Constantine, James and Esiri came together for a class project to solve a frequently encountered problem.









We sought a portable speaker system that provided surround sound capabilities at an affordable price. It turns out, a lot of other people wanted the same thing. Our class project piqued the interest of various large firms, investors, and startup competitions - soon Pangissimo was formed. The name “Pangissimo” is the combination of the words “Pangea” (the supercontinent) and “fortissimo” (meaning to play loudly in Italian). Our innovative speaker, SIMO, stands for Single Input Multiple Output.




As young college students, we have cultivated a diverse, passionate, and innovative culture within our company. Upon forming Pangissimo, our team was accepted in the BU Venture Accelerator, won 1st place in the BU New Venture Competition among 132 companies, and was featured in the American Journal of Innovation and Boston Business Journal. We hope to continue gaining a strong community of SIMO lovers and growing our company together as a team. We are deeply thankful for all of your support and are incredibly excited to bring you SIMO!

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