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Experience size-defying surround sound music at home and on the go with this lightweight, self-pairing portable modular speaker system.

The next generation of portable surround sound

No more single sound output, complicated set-up and poor sound quality. Enjoy rich true surround sound at the fraction of the price of traditional, high-cost surround sound systems.


SIMO X has raised the bar of portable surround sound. Well-crafted portable speakers that allow you to create the surround sound experiences you desire. Alone and with friends, at home and on-the-go.  

Louder, further, longer

Jam packed with innovation, SIMO X is everything you love about SIMO and more.

SIMO Features a re-designed Bluetooth 5.0 centric technical architecture, upgraded battery and the latest electronics. 

All these changes bring you the highest performing, longest lasting and farthest spanning SIMO ever.

Seamlessly pair multiple SIMO X systems together to create the ultimate surround sound experience, or give one subunit to each or your friends to use as four individual speakers.

IMG_5854 (1).PNG

Yes, each works on its own

Give one subunit to each or your friends to use as an individual speaker.

Seemlessly unpair the subunits and connect to other bluetooth compatible devices. 


Need even more music for the party? No problem.

Seamlessly pair multiple SIMO X systems together to create the ultimate surround sound experience.

You read that right, control 8, 12, 16 or more subunits all from one device.

Double the subunit, double the music

Listen in colors

Available Now

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Coming Soon

Available Now

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One cable to charge them all

Four units don't always mean four charging cables. Utilizing contact charging, all four units of SIMO X are able to be charged together through one USB-C cable.


Design meets Performance

It is as easy as it is satisfying. SIMO's four subunits are physically connected together by 16 high-quality neodymium magnetics, together securely holding the speaker together. Simply bring the subunits together, and let them self-align and combine for you.

holding pink.jpg

An effortless,
true surround sound,
listening experience anywhere

SIMO X delivers a true four-channel surround sound experience that fills any space to create the ultimate listening environment. With each subunit automatically paired together, all you need to worry about is what to play. 

QF5_9863 (1).JPG
Musician Silhouette

SIMO X is here.

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