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whenever, wherever

Simo is the perfect balance between sound quality and convenience. It is a well-crafted portable speaker that allow you to create the surround sound experiences you desire. Alone or with friends, at home or on-the-go.  No more singular sound output, complicated set-up, and poor sound quality. Enjoy the music, and let it surround you.

Cordless Setup

Simultaneous Charging 

Multi-connection, Speaker phone

Uncompromising Sound

Dynamic Setup







Take the party anywhere

SIMO's unique modular design and small form factor, and easy to carry outer case allow to you take it on the go and share the music with your friends and loved ones. Bring the people together with a speaker that can be separated apart.


Dynamic setup

It is as easy as it is satisfying. SIMO's four subunits are physically connected together by 16 high-quality neodymium magnetics, together securely holding the speaker together. Simply bring the subunits together, and let them self-align and combine for you.


One cable to charge them all

Four units don't always mean four charging cables. Utilizing contact charging, all four units of SIMO are able to be charged together through one USB-C cable.

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“Imagine having access to a comparable sound quality experience, but using an affordable surround system that can be connected to your laptop and slapped around the room like a magnet”

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